What we do


  • Enable employers to engage their workforce
  • Raise money and awareness for non-profits
  • Make individual giving simple and fun

Our Services

Employee Giving

Volunteer Management

Company Matching

Individual Giving Accounts


Our software tools help employers engage and retain talent, increase CSR impact, and reduce costs of managing workplace volunteering and giving.

We help business and HR leaders

Streamline giving and matching
through automatic payroll deductions

Provide volunteer opportunities
and manage employee participation

Recognize and reward charitable activities

Enhance organization’s standing
in the community


Our technology helps non-profits attract new donors and raise more money. It engages even the youngest generations and attracts corporate employees who in the past have not participated.

We help non-profit leaders

  • Expand their donor base by engaging the entire workforce of companies affiliated with their board, existing sponsors, donors and volunteers
  • Make charitable transactions fully transparent and maximizing your fundraising bottom line
  • Create and share stories of success with current and potential supporters
  • Reduce fundraising costs and overhead through technology
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Individual Giving Account is a unique tool that allows you to make ALL donations in one place and provides you with a consolidated year-end tax statement.

We Help Individuals

  • Support causes and have a direct impact on issues that matter to them most
  • Enjoy full transparency of every donation,   knowing where every cent goes
  • Connect with others and build community  around non-profits
  • Keep your Givful account and all charitable donations in one place, even if you switch jobs or quit working

About Us

Our Vision

We want to engage  the world in giving  and receiving daily

Our Service

We simplify and automate the way people volunteer & give

Our Goal

Did you know that if just 1 in 8 adult Americans made a $25 donation, non-profits would receive ONE BILLION DOLLARS of additional resources? We did. And that’s why we made it our first goal!

Our Team

Patricia Glaser Shea

Co-Founder, CEO

 “Connected Enthusiast”

Walker Morrow

 Co-Founder, COO

“Achiever Reformer”

Sada Garba

  Co-Founder, CTO

“Investigative Achiever”

Blaise Gratton

Sr Soft Developer

“Positive Woo Master”

Haley Gaetano

 Corp Engagement Mgr

 “Adaptable Loyalist”


Dan Hogan | Medalogix

Julia Polk | Decode Health

Hal Cato | Thistle Farms

Susan Wright | uBreakiFix & Oracle

Tom Turner | DSi

Current Clients

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