Being Givful: Episode 1

Patricia Glaser Shea, Co-Founder & CEO of Givful interviews Rita Johnson-Mills, CEO, Nightingale Partners.
Everybody needs somebody to take care of them. Everybody needs help. We are thrilled to announce our new series, Being Givful, brought to you by Givful and in partnership with the WBC. Listen as Givful’s President and CEO, Patricia Glaser-Shea,...
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Givful named Tech Start-Up of the Year

Nashville Technology Council's interview with Givful's CEO, Pat Shea Tech Start-Up of the Year is presented to Givful. Givful is a cloud-based technology platform that creates tools to facilitate giving and volunteering. Givful enables employers to engage their workforce, raise...
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How to Make a Social Impact without Sacrificing Profits

For-profit companies are judged primarily on their financial successes, but social responsibility is a key component in attracting consumers and recruiting talented workers. Here’s how you, as a leader, can marry financial success and social responsibility: 1. Connect the dots. ...
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4 Benefits to Workplace Giving Initiatives

It’s no surprise companies of all sizes are increasingly embracing initiatives to engage their workforce with the community. Recently, a Glassdoor survey found 75% workers expect their employers to donate money to people in need in their own communities or...
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Supporting Charities Makes You Happy (according to these 7 studies)

From the time I was a child, I was taught it is always better to give than to receive. In fact, many charitable organizations list an improved sense of well being among the top reasons to donate to charity.  But...
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Why is workplace giving important?

Charitable giving is something that many large corporations and high net worth individuals contribute their time and earnings to, often for tax relief purposes. But donating to an important cause is not just about reducing your tax burden for the...
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